Welcome to Shobukan Martial Arts Academy

Welcome to Shobukan Martial Arts Academy

Welcome to Shobukan Martial Arts AcademyWelcome to Shobukan Martial Arts AcademyWelcome to Shobukan Martial Arts Academy

Train with Heart

Welcome to Shobukan Martial Arts Academy in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, one of ONLY 20 authentic Okinawan Shobukan karate dojos worldwide.

We offer martial arts classes in a friendly setting where kids, parents, grandparents, friends, and guests are encouraged to train.  We also offer private lessons and women's self-defense classes.

Join our exclusive membership and become part of a truly unique martial arts journey. As a member gain access to unmatched learning and training proficiency in a traditional dojo setting.

Schedule a visit to our authentic Okinawan karate dojo, and experience for yourself real world self-defense application that melds old world tradition with new world understanding.

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Training circa 1930's


All of our instructors hold certifications awarded by our home dojo in Okinawa, Japan.   

Our Okinawan masters visit the United States on a regular basis to assess our students and our instructors.  A formal report is presented to both the Japanese government and the relevant governing dojos in the Okinawan Prefecture.

We also encourage our students to travel with us to Okinawa to train and learn.

Fun Fact

In Okinawa on October 23, 2016, our school participated in the Guinness Book Of World Record Challenge to have the most karate students in the world perform a kata together.

The world record was broken with 3,793 karateka performing at the Uchinanchu Festival in Okinawa City, Japan.

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