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We teach two disciplines at our dojo that offer a student martial arts access to the world's most powerful and effective self-defense systems.

Shobukan Goju Ryu (traditional Okinawan karate)

Matayoshi Kobudo (Okinawan weapons fighting system)

See MORE on our Styles page for details on each fighting system as well as our dojo philosophy, etiquette, and expected  code of conduct.



Instructors Ray Peet and Richard Mustafa are devoted to the practical application of these true traditional martial art forms and teach in a traditional Okinawan dojo setting.

Emphasis is placed on proper form, structured training sessions, practical real-world application, and respect for the art's heritage.

See MORE on our Instructors page that gives a profile on each teacher.



Over the ages, many martial art forms developed on the islands of the ryukyu archipelago.  Master Kanyro Higashionna is credited with the development and formalization of the art of open-handed combat that today we call karate.  One of his top students, master Chojun Miyagi, was the founder of Goju Ryu. 

In  turn, master Masanobu Shinjo devoted much of his martial arts career to the study of Miyagi's teachings, and established the Shobukan federation that we are affiliated with.

See MORE on our History page for details on each discipline and Master.

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